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Other species
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Fenbendazol - LH 4%




4 g

Excipient q.s.

100 g



Prevention and treatment of pulmonary verminosis along with the gastrointestinal parasites produced by nematodes, equally in swine, sheep, goats, cattle, horses and tenias in poultry.

Target Species

Ganado Otras especies Porcinos Aves


Swine: In feed: 2,5 Kg /M.T of feed in a single dose. Or, 500 g /M.T. of feed every day for 6 consecutive days. For individualized treatment: 3 g /25 Kg of live weight in a single dose. Cattle: 15 g /100 Kg of live weight in a single dose, approximately equivalent to 1,5 Kg /M.T. of feed. Poultry: 1,5 Kg /M.T. of feed administered over 3 consecutive days or 3 Kg /M.T. for 1 day. Tenias: 2,5 Kg /M.T. of feed administered over 5 consecutive days. Horses: Administer 7,5 mg /Kg of live weight over 5 days against live stages of nematodes. This should be mixed with feed one 100 g packet of Fenbendazol-LH 4% for an animal of 500 Kg or half of one packet for an animal of 250 Kg. In case of strongyles in the mucus, administer one 100 g packet of Fenbendazol-LH 4% for a 60 K animal in a single dose or administer the normal dose for 5 consecutive days.

Suppression Period

Meat: 14 days. Milk: 3 days. Poultry: 7 days. Hens: 72 hours.


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